A permanent solution to water-scarcity

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This independent study aims to formulate awareness for Desalination of sea-water as a permanent solutions to water scarcity.

Research Abstract

Addressing a Myth

Will Oceans deplete due to desalination ?

Environmentalist fear that if humans started drinking sea water then the sea will vanish one day. We hereby present a legitimate fact to disprove this Myth. Table 1 depicts the mathematical calculations to disprove this classical myth. Total drinking consumption of freshwater is far very less and nearly insignificant in comparison with yearly freshwater discharge in oceans i.e. 39901 km³ along with oceans volume of 1.33 billion km³. Along with drinking, water can be used for agriculture, domestic and industrial purposes comfortably that will add more water to freshwater discharge, thereby completing water cycle again in the sea.


Short-version is published in IEEE-11th International Conference on Contemporary Computing (in-press) and extended version is submitted for publication in relevent journal.