No-Escape Search

Design and Implementation of Cloud-based Directory Content Search System

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• Research

Researched on Windows’ Index Search, its functions, advantages and technical drawbacks.

• Development

No-Escape Search that has solved 3 problems of the Windows Search. First, memory wastage by Windows indexing and its limited nature; second, slow data retrieval by unindexed window search; and third, inability to facilitate the user with location(s) of the input. This algorithm retrieves in O(constant) time using cloud-based 3D hash data-structure.

Designed 3D Hash Data-Structure

Hash stored in hierarchical key-value pairs at Google Firebase cloud

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System comprises of 3 major algorithms: first, automated directory scanning algorithm that involves the use of a ‘wait for single object’ call from pywin32 events; second, file scanning algorithm; third, retrieval algorithm. Retrieval is a comprehensible combination of user’s input string & filename(s). Also, unlike windows search, it permits to include location(s) & even multiple occurrences. Additionally, the performance of the system is increased by multi-threading.

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Search Results for create

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Search Results for multiple terms

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Automated Upload to Firebase - Cloud-level Indexing

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Flowchart of Automated Directory Scanning Algorithm

Flowchart of Retrieval algorithm

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• Publication.

Successfully published a research paper in 10th IC3-2017 jointly organized by University of Florida, USA and Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, India.